Frequently Asked Questions

We are more than happy to help with any questions you have during the entry process, simply drop us a line to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am not sure which category to enter
Answer: If you have viewed our full list of categories and are unsure which one to enter you can check with us by emailing Please include as much information as possible and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Question: Can I enter the same product in more than one category?
Answer: Yes. If your entry fits more than one category (such as a gluten free biscuit which could be entered in both biscuits and dietary specific) you can certainly choose to enter in both categories. To do this you will need to make two seperate entries, one in each category.

Question: What is the deadline?
Answer: The very last day to enter is Friday 15th of June. Our earlybird entry period runs until 30th April and we do recommend completing your entry form before this time so you can avail of the earlybird fee.

Question: What are the entry fees?
Answer: Entries made before 30th April are at an earlybird entry fee of €60 per entry (ex VAT). After this date entries can be made at the full fee of €75 (ex VAT)

Question: How do I pay my entry fees?
Answer: We will email you an invoice for entries made, this can be paid online, by cheque or BACS. Entry fees must be paid within 7 days. Please note that we will email an invoice on the next working day after you submit your entries. You can of course add more entries at a later date. Once fees are completed you will receive a confirmation email which includes your entry number.

Question: I have more than one delivery date, can I deliver on the one day?
Answer: Possibly. Our judging schedule is connected with the delivery dates. If you have more than one delivery date you can deliver your entries together on the earlier date. However, please note that the entry delivered early will not be judged until it’s scheduled time and date and as such should have sufficient shelf life. You can always contact us to check re: delivery dates on

Question: Can I send my delivery with a courier?
Answer: Yes, you can certainly. We will accept delivery from couriers or via An Post (if suitably packaged). Ice Couriers are offering a flat rate  per package (max 15kg) for deliveries to UCC. Details for 2018 are yet to be confirmed but you can view the details for 2017 on the following Ice Couriers Info
Question: How should I present my entry for delivery?
Answer: On your entry confirmation you will receive a delivery label, this includes step by step instructions on how to prepare for delivery. You can also check dates and details here
Question: How are the entries judged?
Answer: Our judging system was developed with UCC and the University of Copenhagen and is now recognised as an industry ‘gold’ standard worldwide. Products entered are blind tasted. Blind tasting means that all packaging and identifying features are removed from products before being presented for judging. This creates a level playing field for products from both large and small producers.
Our judges come from a range of food backgrounds; they are chefs, restaurateurs, academics, journalists, authors, food champions, caterers and enthusiastic home cooks. Retailers with a vested interest or producers who have entered the competition are never involved in the judging process.
Question: When will I know the results?
Answer: We will be in touch with all producers in late August to advise on the progress of their entry. Finalists will at this stage be given details of the finalist judging (4th Oct) and awards presentations (6th Oct)