A kind offer for shared delivery….

We received a very kind offer from David at Maud’s Icecream, based in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim to assist in any producers making deliveries fto Dingle for judging as follows;Contact: David Wilson david@mauds.com
“I can make any necessary arrangements directly with them regarding receipt of their samples and transport to Dingle. Not a problem.  In some cases, we may even be able to arrange collection as our vans cover pretty much all of Northern Ireland.
Naturally, producers are very protective of their samples and don’t want to risk temperature problems during transport or rough handling so the following might help allay any fears.
Temperature Control:
Be assured, we have no issue with temperature control – our own ice cream is more difficult to transport than most other products simply because you can’t refreeze it if it melts. Our vans are all under 2 years old with refrigeration equipment capable of maintaining -24′c even during multi-drop deliveries on the hottest summer days. Same goes for the ambient/chilled compartments. All vans have trackers and temperature monitors that constantly report back to base.
We have acted as a collection point and transporter of the Irish (both north & south) ice cream samples for the Ice Cream Alliance’s annual competitions held in England for over 25 years. These entries included pots of ice cream but also elaborate and fragile artistic entries needing especially delicate handling and no rally driving.
How it works:
When the producer drops off their entries we will provide them with a receipt showing the number of entries they drop off, the date & time, signed by the person leaving the samples and signed by ourselves. We also show the producer exactly where in our freezer/chiller/ambient stores their entries will be stored and discuss any special requirements.
We scan the paperwork and email it straight to yourselves at the Irish Food Awards so you know in real-time what is being received here in Carrickfergus. We place a control sample of ice cream in the freezer and transport that along with any frozen entries to Dingle. The control sample of ice cream can then be inspected during delivery in Dingle and is a clear indicator of transport conditions during the journey. Like I said, our ice cream doesn’t refreeze well so the quality of this sample verifies the journey conditions. Van’s are of course logging temperature too.”